Rights and contracts to get you the best deal

Do you have a project that needs books? Rights Solutions has the expertise to get you the best deal.

I specialise in publishing contracts of all kinds, with a particular focus on digital rights. For some clients I am their external contracts department.

Rights Solutions contracts are fair to the author and in line with industry standards.

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Need help with contracts?

I can help you to:

  • Source or sell book content
  • Negotiate the best terms
  • Draw up a watertight contract
  • Navigate publishers' systems

Whether you're Acquiring Rights...

  • From an author
  • From publishers
  • From the internet
  • From an estate

Or Buying or Selling Rights...

  • For digital projects
  • For adaptation eg film or TV
  • For translation or localisation
  • For distribution
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Rights Solutions brings clarity out of confusion (©thodonal88)

Here's an example of our work:

  1. Author Contracts — drawing up and negotiating contracts between authors and publishers, making sure they cover all the points needed in today's rapidly changing publishing world, including proper provisions for digital publishing.
  2. Digital Licensing — drawing up and negotiating contracts that licence a whole list, or selections of books for digital distribution.
  3. Content Management — acquiring published content for a digital project. Rights Solutions works with the client to clearly define the necessary rights, then draws up a suitable contract and negotiates with content providers.

My clients include:

  • Literary agency
  • App publisher
  • Audiobook publisher
  • Academic/professional publisher
  • Ebook distributor

Talk to us about your rights and contracts needs, we love to solve problems!